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sarah copyI’m a chatter; cabs, elevators, checkout lines, and locker rooms are where I do my best work.

Yesterday, amid my Worcester Fitness locker room routine, I met a fellow club member who admitted that Worcester Fitness is not her only gym – she also belongs to one of those $20 chains with locations all over the country. You see, she travels a lot for work, and this other gym is within walking distance of her house.

She shared, “Friends sometimes ask me why I bother to keep up with my Worcester Fitness membership when my other gym is so much more convenient, and I tell them, ‘There’s just something about this place.’”

I agreed, adding that if I have to torture myself on the treadmill, I might as well do it somewhere that feels like home.

sarah copyI’m a little bit obsessed with Elf for Health’s newsletter that shoots me a healthy reminder on the daily during this vulnerable holiday season. Challenges posed include simple tasks like: “Pack a healthy snack today,” or “Run a mile as fast as you can.”

One of my students blew my mind in a recent speech where she mused – “Music has changed my life, can it change yours?” For me, music’s most empowering moments always take root mid-workout.  What’s on my iPod? The Blow (also one of NPR’s 2013 faves) is killing it right now.