sarah copyLovely to see Worcester Fitness out in full force at the Jay Lyons Race (and plenty of my favorite Doherty alumni as well. Go Highlanders!) It was an awfully hot day, but everyone seemed to be smiling at the finish line. Next on the agenda for me is the Firefighters 6k on June 9th.

I decided to take a week off in celebration of our first Pavement Pack milestone, and make a quick trip to our nation’s capital to see none other than miss Taylor Swift. Taytay was looking straight up stylish at the show, but NY Mag recently published a look book that claims she even looks flawless post-workout. Although I can’t say the same for myself, I would like to note that we happen to wear the same lip gloss. Score one for Aquagirl.

Here’s the key to T Swizzle’s “post-workout prettiness”:

Nike Dry-Fit Blacks – I believe Worcester Fitness swag is available in Taylor’s style and color of choice at the front desk

Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment – To avoid the “chalky” post-workout pout

Avene’s Thermal Springwater – Moisturizer of the gods

*And if you need a T. Swift workout jam to put a little pep in your step, I recommend a healthy dose of Stay, Stay, Stay.



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