Steve Dozois

Steve Dozois, LMT
Director of Massage Therapy

Steve knows quite a bit about aches and pains associated with working in today's offices! It's actually a specialty specialty of his since spending eight years in the office interiors industry, focusing on office ergonomics. Steve understands how people work at their desk, how they SHOULD work at their desk, what their common complaints are, and how to address them.


Steve has been certified and licensed for Massage Therapy in Massachusetts since 2009 with a primary focus on overall health and wellness, and an interest in Sports Massage.  After tearing his ACL in 2011, having surgery to reconstruct it, and subsequently going through physical therapy, Steve gained a renewed interest in Sports Massage.


Steve also earned a B.A. in History from UMASS/Amherst.  He spent more than a decade in corporate business-to-business sales, but never felt as accomplished or rewarded as when he gave his first professional massage.