April 14, 2022

Here is a shopping list for groceries that take little to no meal preparation. This was designed with the older population in mind and can be utilized by people who only have access to a toaster oven. The list is great for those with a low budget and can improve access to nutrition services due to increased affordability.

I made this list from Aldi’s website, so the brands may not match up with wherever you shop. However , the options and content are still the same. Look for similar names and brands. Almonds are still almonds, berries are still berries, and canned tuna is still just that!



Julia DeLissio


Both of these can be prepared vegan/ vegetarian and are low allergen in nature.

For vegan smoothie: swap milk / yogurt with soy milk and pea protein powder.

For Gluten Free Sandwich- swap bread for gluten free bread, Aldi’s does not have loafs of GF bread however they have a brand “Live GF” which has bagels.

Swap to a GF Aldi’s bagel to make the meal vegan and gluten free.


1 cup of milk of choice
1 cup of spinach/ kale mix
1 cup (personal serving, not 8oz)  of greek yogurt
1 cup of  frozen mixed berries

  • Water for desired texture
  • Optional: flax seeds, avocado (depending on the desired fat content and calorie intake of the diet
  • Optional flavorings: ginger, lime juice, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar
  • Optional: Add a scoop of protein powder for more protein! You may need to add more liquid because the protein powder is a thickener.


Peanut Butter Banana Honey Open Faced Sandwich + Glass of Milk

This simple sandwich is a staple for children and adults alike, it is a fancier Pb+J that is packed with nutrition. Add in a cup of milk to increase the protein content to 20g!

  • 2 slices of whole grain / sprouted bread
  • 2 tbsp natural peanut butter, crunchy or not
  • ½ banana sliced thinly
  • 1-2tsp of honey, drizzled on top
  • Optional: a dash of cinnamon or milled flax seed sprinkled on top for added flavor and texture

about julia

Julia DeLissio

Julia DeLissio

Since Julia’s sophomore year of high school, she knew that she was destined to become a Registered Dietitian.

In her personal experiences in and out of the classroom, Julia has learned and applied principles related to nutrition in her everyday life.

Julia graduated from SUNY Oneonta in May of 2015, earning her B.S. in Dietetics. She then spent a few years working in a variety of gyms before matching to her Dietetic Internship. During that time, Julia cultivated a unique skill set from each gym. She began my journey at Crunch, where sh became interested in joint mobility and function. Julia then switched jobs to increase her education on anatomy and physiology, and become a personal trainer.

Julia clocked in over 150 hours of training under One-on-One Physical Therapy, while learning advanced anatomy through Equinox’s EFTI training program. She then relocated to Intoxx on Staten Island, where she single-handedly opened and ran a nutrition education department.

“My goal is to integrate nutrition and exercise science through a multi-disciplinary approach by backing up information with current scientific research. I believe that food is fuel and the human body is the vehicle to create motion. In order for this vehicle to run, it must be given the appropriate energy (calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water) to create movement.”

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Nutrition doesn’t have to be something that you stress about! Julia’s plans are “real-world” friendly and take into account how busy your lives are. She’s here to help! Send her your questions below.