Picky Lanigan

personal trainer picky lanigan

Picky specializes in working with clients who are new to fitness but want to significantly improve their current health and conditioning.

She works with clients who are seeking coaching to help keep them motivated, have body image issues, post-injury exercise rehabilitation.

Picky also has worked with Multiple Sclerosis patients, people afflicted with arthritis and people who have a general fear of being at the gym.

She is certified through AEA for aqua fitness training and ISMA for personal training.

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Worcester Fitness Flyers and YWCA Successfully Raise Funds for Pool Starting Blocks

The Worcester Fitness Flyers organized a swim-a-thon challenge in October 2022 at the YWCA facility, their current practice location. The goal was to raise funds for purchasing starting blocks for the YWCA pool. The challenge attracted 16 swimmers aged 7-15, who solicited donations to reach their goal. They successfully raised enough money for one starting block, with additional funds contributed by Worcester Fitness. In total, five starting blocks were purchased, and Worcester Fitness covered the installation costs with a generous contribution of $20,000.

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