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pickA couple of weekends ago I was working a Saturday manager shift. Things were pretty quiet and then a women came in to take a tour of the facility. As I took her around she was telling me that she was just laid off from her job of 32 years and she didn’t just want to sit around the house feeling bad for herself so she decided to look around at some of the local gyms.  Never belonging to a gym before I could sense her apprehension.  As we walked around all the members we came in contact with  greeted us and had nothing but good things to say to Debbie about Worcester Fitness. I think what really won Debbie over was the conversation she had with Sarah Farley (our Zumba instructor) and her mother Annette. They told her she should join the gym so she could come to one of Sarah’s Zumba class and Annette said she would go with her and help her out.  That brought a big smile to her face and 10 minutes later she became a member.

Three  days after signing up Debbie showed up at my Monday morning classes.  I don’t think she has missed any since. One week after joining the class I noticed she was exchanging recipes with a few of the women in the class.  I thought WOW in only one week she went from not knowing anyone to recipe swapping.  She was now part of the Worcester Fitness Family

I want to say that I am proud to have you all as members and I have nothing but the utmost respect for all of you.  If there is anything at all I can do for you please let me know.


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