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In Their Own Words | Worcester Fitness-Judy Torrey

By Andrea Shliapa

Recently, Worcester Fitness Nation member Judy Torrey took time out of her busy day to contact the team at Worcester Fitness. Nothing makes us want to work harder, learn more, and engage our members more than reading about their success!

Here is Judy’s story-in her OWN words.
“No one likes to hear their doctor tell them they are overweight and have high cholesterol. Both numbers were the highest I have ever had and I blame myself for a more sedentary life since retiring and I knew that, in my case, weight and cholesterol go hand and hand.

I spent a few weeks using the My Fitness Pal app on my phone but I wasn’t sure if this was the correct way to go and I was right. After a few emails back and forth with nutrition specialist, Andrea Figueroa, a gem of a lady and an asset to Worcester Fitness, we met for an evaluation. After viewing a week of my app entries, she presented me with a personalized meal plan including carb, fat and protein percentages and suggested foods tailored to my likes and dislikes.

Watching my weight drop and never feeling hungry was great and I lost ten pounds in ten weeks! Anyone who is serious about weight loss with a healthy diet and a mix of fitness classes should contact Andrea. She would follow my progress, send encouraging emails, and is always accessible.

I also want to give a big thanks to Picky Lanigan and her classes in the pool, especially Boot Camp- faster, faster, faster. These two ladies have helped me tremendously!

Thank you both.”

Judy Torrey

Worcester Fitness Nation

Spotlight on Success!
Congratulations Judy!

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