Here iGoldfishs your swim workout of the week (with beginners and little ones in mind!)

  1. Swimmers should begin by practicing their bobs for the width of the mid-deep. Remind swimmers to blow bubbles out of their mouths (like blowing out candles on a birthday cake) and out of their noses (try humming under water.)
  2. Swimmers should hold the top of their kickboards and practice flutter kicking on their fronts.
  3. Next, swimmers should hold the bottom of their kickboards (at the two pointy ends). Swimmers can begin releasing the board with one hand at a time while they practice flutter kicking on their fronts.
  4. Swimmers should makes spoons (not forks) out of their hands and practice scooping the water with their arms while flutter kicking on their fronts with the board. Release the board one hand at a time and practice simultaneously blowing bubbles.
  5. Put the boards up on the wall. Swimmers can practice front crawl with their heads out of the water.
  6. Repeat and encourage swimmers to try putting their faces in the water.
  7. Repeat with swimmers holding onto the wall with one hand, and pushing off with both feet into streamline position on their fronts. When swimmers break the surface, they should begin their arm strokes.
  8. Swimmers should hug kickboards to their chests and practice flutter kicking on their backs. *chin up
  9. Swimmers should hold onto the wall with both hands, and push off with both feet into streamline position on their backs. They can swim the remainder of the distance in whatever manner they feel most comfortable.
  10. Swimmers will practice jumping into the water and submerging their heads completely.

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