Michele Thebodo


My name is Michele Thebodo. I am a certified NASM Person Trainer. I also have certifications in PiYo, TRX, Schwinn cycle, Yoga and Nutrition.

My favorite quote: “Fit is a feeling not a size!”
I am a mom of three boys and 2 fur babies. So, I know that it can be hard making the time for yourself but I also know when you make yourself a priority you can be more present with everything else in life. 
I love inspiring people to move their bodies to feel good and not as a form of punishment. As someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression most of her life I found that exercising was a huge help in relieving those symptoms. I hope to inspire people to shift their mindset around exercise and nutrition by creating a healthy relationship with the body the have, creating a fitness lifestyle they can stick with and setting S.M.A.R.T goals that will not only build confidence in themselves but will keep them consistent with their actions. 

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