Our members share their thoughts on why they choose Worcester Fitness Group Exercise classes!

As I was finishing up my own weight workout this morning at our Grove Street club, I thought I would ask a few of our members why they participate in our group exercise classes. As the director of the program, I explained to them that I was going to write a blog about the many reasons why our members LOVE our club-specifically our classes. Quite honestly, the answers did not surprise me in the least! Our members are the best there is and are extremely loyal and appreciative. Here are some bits and pieces of my conversations with these members:

“The classes push me to my limit of physical fitness. The instructors are motivating and inspiring.”
“The cycling classes keep me on the ball! I love the music and the energy of the instructor. I used to stand outside the studio, listening to the music, thinking of all the reasons why I could never do it.”
“Powerflex is a total body workout. She hits all the muscle groups and it is a tough workout.”
“I love the variation in the aqua classes. I am working on knee therapy. It helps my arthritis.”
“I enjoy the life-long friendships I’ve made at the club and the pot-luck lunches twice a year.”
“The instructors motivate and are very positive. The classes are a good calorie burner.”
“I do things in a class I would not do on my own. The extra push and incentive to be better is great.”

So, what else is there to say? From a director’s point of view, Worcester Fitness has the safest, most effective class offerings in the industry. From Pilates, Core Conditioning, Aqua, Cycling, Cardio/intervals, to Yoga, Zumba and Boot Camp. But the most important factor is the instructors. They are professional, energetic, personable, and talented and our members appreciate this level of expertise!

Try one our Group Exercise classes anytime. They are included in your club membership.

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No matter what fitness activities you are interested in, Worcester Fitness has a membership that will fit perfectly for you.