In Light of Fat Tuesday


I used to travel to NYC because I liked to go out dancing, but these days I’m in it for the food. I suppose it’s a sign of maturity (or just an insatiable appetite) that in 2015, an early night and a decadent meal leaves me feeling satisfied. At any rate, three days in the city warranted visits to three different James Beard semifinalists. **The company I keep has excellent taste.**

Donnolis, dumplings, duck…prickly pears, land snails…rabbit, ramen…I feasted. I tried to redeem myself with plenty of Matcha, but I’m fairly certain that the caloric damage had already been done.

Come Wednesday, I arrived back in Worcester craving a swim. Here’s my detox workout:

200 warm up (mixed)

400 Reverse IM kick (free, breast, back, fly)

10 second rest

300 IM Pull (fly, back, breast, free)

10 second rest

100 IM sprint

Cool Down

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