Special Chance to Join Our Running Team!

Join the Worcester Fitness Running Team!

There is NO off-season at Worcester Fitness!

For almost a year, you've ben hearing, seeing and reading about Worcester's most active and most dynamic running team- the Worcester Fitness Running Team!


Now is the time to join OR purchase a running team membership for the runner in your life for the upcoming holidays. In fact, joining the team now will get you are the runner you love, registered into two of our most interesting and unique running events of the year!


Included in your Running Team Membership

• SuperMoon Run (read more)
• Runnerversary Event- our celebratory anniversary run and social event!
• Free 2017 Uniform
• Discounted Worcester race events throughout the year.
• Athletic coaching and training consultations
• Advanced training events at Worcester Fitness
• An awesome TEAM environment- you will enjoy running even more than you already do!


The Worcester Fitness Running Team membership is perfect for advanced runners, novices, or even people who just want to learn ho to run safely and efficiently and make a ton of great new friends!


This is a GREAT gift idea! It lasts twelve full months, the friendships will last a lifetime!
You do not have to be a member of Worcester Fitness to join the Worcester Fitness Running Team.

Only $150 per year!


Join us!




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Andy Sharry information

Andy is the Director of Fitness and Wellness at Worcester Fitness. "Connecting people is my passion. I love to facilitate opportunities for humans to interact in positive ways in healthy, balanced endeavors. In my personal and public life, it's what I'm most proud of. The medals earned, weight lost, miles run are incredible feats. But, it all takes a back seat to the connections members of my team have forged. These are lifelong bonds, and I'm so proud be a major part of improving the lives of other people. Come see me at Worcester Fitness.