Worcester Jingle 5K Team Announced

Jingle 5K Team

Written by Roland J. Hamelin, Contributing Correspondent
It's not Christmas Time in Worcester, Massachusetts without the annual Jingle 5K!
It's easily the most festive, most colorful, and most visible December running event in the area.
Hundreds of runners, many of them dressed up as North Pole Elves, Santa Claus look alike, Mrs. Claus (or Jessica as many know her), the hapless Grinch and even the occasional Dickens character ambling about carrying the biggest goose in the market.
In general, it's a great way to celebrate a fitness event and the holidays all in one day!

Worcester Jingle 5K Race Route
The Worcester Jingle 5K is run around the downtown Worcester and Canal District area.

The Race

The Worcester Jingle 5K is run around the downtown Worcester area and the Canal District. The streets are managed by the Worcester Police Department to ensure that everyone has a safe event with no cars allowed in the way of the runners.
The Jingle 5K is scheduled a bit later in the morning to get the winter sun warmed up a little.The participants are joined up at 10:30 a. m. and the race starts promptly at 11:00 a.m.
Race Day fees are $35 for 5k and $20 for the youth run.

worcester fitness at he worcester jingle 5k
Worcester Fitness first entered the Worcester Fitness Running Team in the Jingle 5k in 2015.

Running Team

The Worcester Fitness Running Team made it's first appearance in the Worcester Jingle 5K in 2015. Team Captain and Worcester Fitness Director of Fitness had just joined the club three-months prior and had already built the brand new running team to over 75 members.
At last years event, The Worcester Fitness Running Team was one of the largest organized teams to register with over 50 runners enrolled.

worcester fitness jingle run 5k

Keeping it Fun

Andy designed the Running Team to be a fun way to run and also build friendships.
The team has participated in several organized races this year as well as bi-weekly group runs from Worcester Fitness on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings.

2016 Worcester Jingle 5K Team

This year, the Worcester Fitness Running Team will be very strong at the Worcester Jingle 5K with over 60 runners registered.
Here is the 2016 Worcester Jingle 5K Team!
Andy Sharry
Ana Moriarty Sharry
Nicholas Sharry
Madeline Sharry
Elizabeth Sharry
Kate Pietrovito
Jo-Anne Roberts
Picky Lanigan
Sarah Carter
Jean Carter
Andy Butterfield
Katherine Butterfield
Reese Butterfield
Karen Elizabeth Sharpe
Jane Raabis
Cara Bjorklund
David Lamontagne
Kathy Therrien
Ray Loughlin Jr.
Mark Oliver
Jane Jackson
Nick Jackson
Joanne Harrington
Jack Luongo
Molly Eastman Burnham
Deb Spaziante Servidio
Gerry Montiverdi
Mary Rister
Carey Medin
Kimberly Ann
Kelly White
Jonathan Long
Mildred Long
Kim Newell
Evan SomasseTeam
Gbeton Blaise Somasse
Hermine Nadege
Ben Somasse
George Umbrianna
Samantha Smith
Derya Deane
Annie Pard Lavoie
Andrea Thompson
Elizabeth Thompson
Carol Haley
Dianne Carlson Durand
Katlyn Harrington
Rich Gaitane
Emily Creamer Collins
Hugh Collins
Stacey Pignataro
Kathleen Taylor
Janice Ryan Weekes
Betsy Landry
Maggie Landry
Lynn Thompson
Linda Spence
Patrick Welch
Louise O'Neill

Join the Worcester Fitness Running Teamc

Led by Master Trainers Andy Sharry and Bob Bourassa, the Worcester Fitness Running Team combines road running with coaching, strength and flexibility training, stride analysis, running shoe suggestions and organized team events for races.
The Worcester Fitness Running Team enters several local road races each year giving members the incredible experience of not only training as a team but also competing as one.
Worcester Fitness Running Team
Wednesday's 6PM
Saturday's at 8AM
$150/yr for Worcester Fitness Members
$200/yr for Non-Members

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Andy Sharry information

Andy is the Director of Fitness and Wellness at Worcester Fitness. "Connecting people is my passion. I love to facilitate opportunities for humans to interact in positive ways in healthy, balanced endeavors. In my personal and public life, it's what I'm most proud of. The medals earned, weight lost, miles run are incredible feats. But, it all takes a back seat to the connections members of my team have forged. These are lifelong bonds, and I'm so proud be a major part of improving the lives of other people. Come see me at Worcester Fitness.