Is Winter Getting You Down?

Winter is considered a lovely time of the year by many. Others dread the short, cold days and the even colder, long nights.

Winter isn’t the preference of most people, but it doesn’t have to be a time of misery either.

If the winter months make you feel dreary, there are a lot of things you can try to make the most of your winter and boost your mood.



See how you can turn your winter around for the better:

1. Be active. It’s natural to slow down a little in winter, but you don’t have to sit around and wait for spring. Stay busy. Maintain your social life and other activities. Go for walks. Take advantage of the fact that it’s not 90 degrees outside. Avoid the tendency to plant yourself in front of your TV or computer.

2. Control how much you sleep. The vast majority of adults require 7-9 hours of sleep. Avoid allowing yourself to spend more time in bed unless a medical condition requires more rest.

3. Bathe yourself in light. There are fewer hours of sunlight in the winter, and that light is less intense. Get outside and spend some time in the sun. Sit by the window and enjoy the sun. You might consider buying a special light that mimics sunlight and spend an hour each day bathing in the light.

4. Find outdoor activities that you enjoy. Depending on where you live, winter can be a great time to hike, camp, ski, ice skate, or just sit in the sun. The more you can move around, the better you’ll feel.

5. Reach out to others. You can still spend time with your friends and extended family during the winter months. Everyone else is in the same boat. Throw a winter party. Invite others out to dinner. Chat with people online.

6. Eat well. Dietary habits tend to take a turn for the worse during the winter. Make a real effort to maintain a healthy diet all year. The poorer your diet, the poorer you’ll feel. Experiment with your diet and see what makes you feel the best.

7. Make exciting plans for spring. Give yourself something to look forward to this spring. Make travel plans. Design a flower garden. Look at the latest car models and plan on replacing your clunker in the spring. What sounds appealing to you? What do you want to do, buy, or see?

8. Make exciting plans for the winter. There’s no reason to wait until spring to do something exciting! What can you do next month? Whom can you do it with? Make some plans that excite you. A little anticipation can help your mood tremendously.

9. See your doctor. If these activities don’t lighten your mood, you may want to see your medical professional. You might be one of the many who suffer from seasonal affective disorder. Talk with your doctor about things that can help in your specific situation. Avoid waiting! Get the help you need.

10. Come to Worcester Fitness! When you are among friends and other people who share a love and a passion for something, you feel more energetic and alive. Working out at the club is more than an exercise session, it’s valuable human contact, sharing smiles, laughs, and stories. Happiness is all about the little moments and being at Worcester Fitness helps you fuel a positive mood!

Imagine adding three more enjoyable months to your life!

Stay active, eat well, and get an appropriate amount of sleep. If you need more light, ensure that you get it. Make plans for some things that you can look forward to and spend time with others. Bring a positive light and some warmth to your winters with these tips and they’ll be easier on you overall!

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