It started, like so many other influential and effective fitness programs, with a mission to solve a problem.

What keeps people from joining Worcester Fitness (or any other high-quality, service-oriented gym for that matter) even when they know that joining is the single best way for them to get in the physical shape that they desire?

The fitness industry has been studying this question for decades. One thing we know for an absolute fact is that the decision is statistically proven to not be driven by price. One survey after the other has shown that given an equitable demonstration of value and quality, clients from all walks of life are comfortable with paying more for MORE and paying less for LESS.

In other words, the consumer is well aware of the differences between Gym “A” and Gym “B”. If they see a value in the difference they will pay the difference and be very happy with their decision.

So if it’s not affordability then what is the most prominent speed bump?

Time. Two problems directly connected with time.

Problem 1 – Not enough time.

This is the easiest objection for anyone to understand, especially in 2021. The demand on all of us is at the highest point it has ever been. Our time is priceless to us. The very thought of squeezing something new into whatever tiny space we think we have is enough to distract us from making the decision for weeks.

Problem 2 – Committing to an unspecified amount of time for an activity that has not been proven to be effective for you.

You’re heart and your brain tell you that in order to feel better, sleep better, live better- you need to exercise regularly. gardening is nice but it won’t get you where you want to be. Walks are relaxing and a fantastic activity, but we’re talking about undertaking a fitness and wellness plan. With solid goals and accountability on the line.

You might like what you see when you visit all the different gyms and health clubs in the city but you MAY not feel like you’re ready to sign-up and give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Our Suggestion for a Solution

So with “time” being our biggest challenge, we created something that will help you not only manage your dedicated fitness time but also will give you are VERY specified amount of time to find out if Worcester Fitness is the right FIT for you.

Enter ’21 Jump Start.

Worcester Fitness has created three spectacular “let’s get started” options for anyone ready to put the past in the past, and get to it! This is the ultimate gym membership for anyone looking to start a new workout program.

These programs have all the tools you’ll need to get in great shape at an award-winning local Worcester gym.

Plus-they all include weekly, 30-minute coaching and guided workouts from our world-class personal training team.

Words from a Happy JumpStart Client!

“I’m thrilled with the ’21 JumpStart program. “

Bridget Maunsell – Client

“I love it here.  I feel welcomed, comfortable and it’s a great environment.  As a Division 2 Track and Field athlete, I need to keep my body in top condition to perform at my peak.    I feel stronger and more committed to working out and Janine has been a big reason for that new motivation. I love the massage component, it’s helped with muscle soreness post-workout and I have learned so much from Steve on how to prepare my body for competition.  As for Nutrition, I am eating better, and learning how to fuel my body correctly from all that Denleigh has taught me.  I’m thrilled with the ’21 JumpStart program. ” 

There are three different Jump Start options, each one of them chock full of results generating features. You will love the freedom of being able to get everything you need, for a very specific amount of time, all in an effort to bring you comfort, confidence, and value. Please check out all three 21 Jump Start Options.

If you’ve got questions about this breakthrough program, just ask! We have a solution for any fitness problem you can think of!

Email Andy Sharry at andy@worcesterfitness.com.

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