How to Make Daily Exercise a Habit

Jan 5, 2022


Most of the people that we meet at Worcester Fitness say more or less the same thing when it comes to trying something new to get into better shape – “I want THIS to work.”

Typically, people try multiple methods over their lives to either lose weight, feel better, be happier, or simply be more active. More often than not, they are disappointed with the results.

But how much of that disappointment comes from the actual activity the person chose to try? What if it was more likely a combination of choosing the RIGHT method with sticking to a very simple timeline to see if it WILL work.

In other words, like pretty much anything else in life, if you want to get better at something you need to give it a fair shot. The great thing about exercise is that over the years, sports psychologists, exercise physiologists and behavioral scientists have determined the actual time frame it will typically take for the average person to go from the start of a new fitness activity to that activity becoming something that feels like a regular part of their lives.


Some studies show that by identifying an action and consistantly performing that action repeatedly in the same way be it location, time or day, etc., can help you develop potentially long-standing exercise habits. This repetetive action, almost like memorizing multiplication tables, allows our brains to avoid the task of renewing the reasons why we do the task in the first place. It becomes simply part of our day. We get up we brush out teeth, we wash our face, we grab a cup of coffee, etc. How much time do we spend “reasoning out” each one of those moments in our day?

So by developing it as a habit, you give your brain some free space to use for other more important tasks.


Simple adjustments in how you think about yourself and how you do things is a great start. Give yourself credit for STARTING. It’s a big step to change what you do during any section of your busy day. Most people’s schedules are pretty crammed and there is typically a short supply of free time on any given day.

Next step- give yourself a CHANCE to succeed. Commit to a personal committment to workout for twenty-one consecutive days. It might help you make exercise a positive habit. The results you are looking for are waiting for you. BUT, your body needs a chance to catch up to your dreams. By taking action, you have established positive momentum that will gain power as you continue to add tools that will help you meet and exceed your goals.

21 Days

Can you dedicate 21 days to tryting something new that may end up making you feel better, stronger, healthier and happier?

Here are some things to try to help you stick with it!

1. Schedule it. The number one reason people claim they don’t exercise regularly is a lack of time. You make time for a variety of other things every day: eating meals, taking a shower, driving to and from work, television, and more. Our new Peak training program is a great way to “lock in” and schedule yourself a dynamic, fun, and effective workout. Over 70 times a week!

2. Find a workout buddy. The number two reason people don’t exercise is boredom or loneliness. Working out in a group has been proven to help you stick with it. Our team will introduce you to some awesome people at the club, all of whom have the same goals!

* A workout partner will also make you feel a greater sense of responsibility; no one likes to let other people down. It’s a little easier to think, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” when we know there isn’t someone depending on us.

3. Change it up. Come up with a variety of activities. There’s no reason you can’t swim one day, hit the treadmill the next, and take a Peak class the day after that. So think about everything the club has to offer and keep yourself entertained as well. Joining Worcester Fitness could take care of a lot of your exercise needs PLUS create a motivating community to help you.

4. Take it easy. Perhaps you remember high school and the 5-minute mile you used to run on the track team too well. If you haven’t been active lately, a little reality will serve you better. As long as you’re getting comfortably tired by the end of your workout, you’re on the right track.

* You don’t need to finish your workout on the ground in a breathless heap. High-intensity exercise is great for conditioning, but isn’t any better for your health than less intense options.

5. Track your progress. It’s a lot easier to stay interested and motivated when you can see some real progress. Fortunately, progress comes quickly at the beginning of any exercise program. You will be pumped (pun intended) when you start feeling stronger and noticing some physical changes. This will increase your desire to keep going!


Exercising daily is an essential element to include in your life. It can be challenging to get into the habit, but relatively easy to stick with after the initial start-up period has passed. . Come to Worcester Fitness, meet some great people and have some fun every day! You’ll be healthier, feel better, and your confidence will go through the roof!