How to find a great Personal Trainer

andreasPersonal Training is one of the single best investments you can make for yourself. A Personal Trainer will make your workouts effective and safe and you will more than likely get results quicker. Quicker results mean more satisfaction!

The most important thing though is to pick the right Personal Trainer. Here are three tips from Worcester Fitness for searching for a Personal Trainer.

1) While the only real requirements (in Massachusetts, anyways) to work as a personal trainer are current CPR/First Aid Certification and 18 years of age, to work in a gym you need considerably more. All trainers carry at least 1-2 certifications, preferrably from credible organizations (National Strength & Conditioning Association, American College of Sports Medicine, National Academy of Sports Medicine, American Council on Exercise, to name a few). But keep in mind that while there are many organizations to choose from, not all of them are of value. At last count, there were something like 450+ personal training certifications available, with less than 20 or so being viewed as credible. So take your time in shopping for certifications. Don’t consider cost a a primary motivator on whether the credential will work for you. Look instead at the organization that is offering it (start with the previously-mentioned orgs. Top of the food chain…).

2) While not required, earning at least a Bachelor’s Degree in the field certainly helps. Having the education gives you a much stronger foundation in the material that we use with our clients, and is much more favorably viewed by gyms and employers. Trainers with degrees backing them up tend to do much better in the long run, being able to work with a wider variety of clients, and (by default) earning much better payrolls.

3) From personal experience, developing customer service and/or sales experience is a must, along with strong interpersonal skills. Many trainers don’t make it past three months because a) they can’t sell; b) they don’t communicate well; or c) they don’t communicate effectively. It takes a lot of practice to develop these skills, and any work that requires to communicate with others (non-co-workers) gives good exposure to improve them. You want your Personal Trainer to be successful financially because that means they have been effective communicating their skills to their clients. In this case a good “sales pitch” may actually inspire confidence and be a good signal that you are talking to the right trainer.

Worcester Fitness has an incredible team of Personal Trainers that meet and exceed the requirements above which are widely regarded as “minimum”. If you would like to meet with one of our trainers for a consultation contact us today!

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