sarah copyThis month, Great Britain’s Daily Mail reported on “gymtimidation,” or the self consciousness that causes people to shy away from working out in front of others. The paper reports that gym goers are particularly uneasy about lifting weights with any sort of an audience.

Being a member of Worcester Fitness, this article struck me as odd. I find that the culture of positivity thriving at our club prevents “gymtimidation” from keeping me at bay.

Walking through the door is like stepping out into the sunshine; you get the sense that everyone is pulling for you. Worcester Fitness aims to educate its fitness-family rather than make us feel confined to the treadmills. Our club simply won’t allow such a vast range of equipment and healthful opportunities to go to waste. The machines beckon to you, and your fellow gym-goers urge you on!

Nothing but gymvigorating opportunities to be had stateside.

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