“Fun” Runs

sarah copyI’m on my way out the door to the Canal Diggers 5k (on the recommendation of my dear coach, Mr. Bourassa) and I find myself lacking the nerves that have always characterized road races for me in the past. I could never understand why certain races would deem themselves “Fun Runs” because for me, racing always entailed agonizing mornings of worrying about sneakers and splits. It is no exaggeration that my involvement at Worcester Fitness has taken the anxiety out of racing and transformed 5k’s into enjoyable outings – ones that are great for my body and even “fun” in their own right. The Worcester Fitness 5k was no exception.

My little brother has had two surgeries in the last two years to repair his feet in order to make it more comfortable for him to walk and run. I cannot imagine spending half of middle school on crutches, but Ben makes it look easy. He has a heart of gold, and he spent most of the summer volunteering his time at the non-profit overnight camp, Camp Putnam, where I work during the summers. When I asked him early in the summer if he would like to join me in a race that helps to send homeless children to summer camp, he immediately said yes.

When August 15th rolled around, he was a little more hesitant about completing the race. Never a quitter, Ben saw the 3.1 mile course through. Running still isn’t easy for Ben (heck, I don’t think it’s easy for anyone) but I felt so proud to watch my Worcester Fitness family support him as he crossed the finish line. He was the 260th finisher, but you cheered for him like he was the first!

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