Assistant Flyers Swim Team Coach Laura Deleroy

World Champion Swimmer Laura Delorey
Assistant Head Coach, Worcester Fitness Flyers

Can you tell us about your competitive swim career?


I started back swimming Masters 9 years ago this July after taking 30 + years off and I love it. The sport is so much different for me now than when I was a teenager. It is more enjoyable and fun and I have met some of the other crazy swimmer people at the swim meets I attend ranging in age 20 to 99. It is an extended family and always wonderful catching up with them between races. My personal favorites are butterfly, Individual Medley, and longer freestyle events.

One of my happiest swimming moments was in August 2014 in Montreal at the Master’s World Championships. I was put on a relay swimming the butterfly leg that had an opportunity to break the World Record in the 200 Individual Medley Relay. The British women held it and we broke it by over 5 seconds. It doesn’t seem like a lot of time but in the swimming community, it is huge. My 3 other relay mates will always hold a very special place in my heart. The record was broken the following March by a team from South Africa but I just recently found out that it still remains a US National Masters Swimming Record. I still thank the woman that put all the relays together for the New England Masters Swim Club and who gave me this wonderful once in a lifetime opportunity. She always says to me: right place, right age, right speed. Wow!!


What have you done for work other than teaching swim?


I have been a Paralegal, Accounts Receivable Collector, Office Assistant for a Management Company, Lifeguard.


What does swimming make you feel like, while in the water?


When I teach swim lessons, it is very rewarding for me to see the faces of kids or adults that couldn’t swim or back float. Not only are they surprised but those family members watching are in awe and amazement. That is such a great feeling to know that I have helped someone with a life skill. When I compete, workout or just relax in the water it is very centering for me. I find that I often go under the water and look up and just admire what’s above and realize that some of the day’s challenges mean nothing. I also think a lot and make a lot of decisions about things that I couldn’t before I got in the water. Swimming is fun for me, both teaching and competing. I have met a lot of wonderful people through Masters Swimming. We are a special group of people that share the same interest.


What do you like to do other than swimming?


I just completed my first Triathlon in early September. Title IX women only. It was so much fun. I also competed in another Triathlon on October 20th in New York where I am originally from.


Who is your typical client?


Someone that does not know how to swim. I teach the basics and we grow from there. I consider back float, treading water, and bobbing as essential life safety skills to master. I teach students of all ages beginning at 6 months of age.


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