Fitness goals and how to crush them!

Fitness goals and how to crush them


By Andrea Figueroa

There’s a reason you walk into this club and hand the friendly Member Services rep your key tag. You have a goal. And each and every one of us are at some stage of achieving our goal. For some, it’s overall wellness, that sense of accomplishment that comes with putting in a good workout and going about the day. For others, the goal is weight loss, or cardio endurance training, or muscular growth.  Or maybe your goal isn’t clearly defined. You’re here, you’re putting in an effort, but you’re focus could be off.

Goal setting is important, not only because it keeps us motivated, but if we can clearly define our goals, we can use the tools around us to achieve them in a shorter period of time and with better results.

Here are a few ways how:

1. A good solid nutrition base.   Without one, we may be stunting your progress. If you’re goal is to lose weight, knowing what your body needs for energy and how to fuel it properly can reverse any negative metabolic adaptations that have occurred from years of yo-yo dieting. If you’re looking to gain muscular strength and size (yes, I’m especially talking to you ladies that want to “tone”!), you must consume enough calories and use the right balance of carbs/fats/proteins to make that happen.

2. Focused training. Doing the same workout, the same way, with the same resistance, intensity and weights will help you maintain, which is great if that’s your goal- keeping things as they are. But if you want to improve upon what you’re doing, get focused. Our HD Training program is the perfect way to start reaching your goals. These small group personal training classes lead by our certified personal trainers are intense, in all the best ways possible. Don’t think you’re ready for that kind of workout? Guess again.

That’s the beauty of HD! You’re NEVER a small fish in a big pond! You will get the one on one attention you need to keep you motivated, safe and encouraged to reach your fullest potential. It may cost a little more, but aren’t you worth it?

3. And lastly, find your comfort zone. You know the place. It’s the elliptical you gravitate to, or the treadmill that virtually has your name on it, or that set of dumb bells that you’ve been lifting for so long, they practically fit your hands like a glove. Now, find that place, and step a little outside of it. Yes, that’s the spot. Because just outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens!!

Identify your goal, set yourself up for success by using the tools available to you, and you will be unstoppable.

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