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Fitness Scramble Alert!

More Ways to Score!

By Janine McCarthy
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FITNESS SCRAMBLERS! Just an FYI about tomorrow's DRAFT--you don't have to be at Worcester Fitness when we put all the teams together! We'll emails you, text you, FB you, yell across the parking lot...as soon as the teams are drawn!
PLUS--we've added some more "YARD GAINING" activities! Check 'em all out and do what you LOVE!
Bike(spin class)/treadmill/elliptical 1mile = 1yd
Stairs 50 flights = 1yd
Rower 1600m = 1yd
Group fitness
HD = 4yds
Group classes = 3yds
Aqua/yoga/Pilates = 2yds

Challenge Schedule

Start Date - November 10, 2017

End Date - December 22, 2017

Prizes awarded to winning team and season's "Most Valuable Player!"

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Janine McCarthy information

Personal Trainer at Worcester Fitness • Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania Activities and Societies: Transition Program, Kids in Action Program, Veterans with Disabilities Program • Master of Science (MS) Field Of StudyAdapted Physical Activity Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania Degree NameBachelor of Science (BS) Field Of StudyHealth Science- prePT- Activities and Societies: Women's Soccer Athlete Track and Field Athlete Student Athlete Advisory Committee