Expos and Oh Nos!

sarah copySo, I thought the Worcester Fitness Expo would make for a delightful date night. I read, Members bring a guest free, and I thought, my *boyfriend would just plum love that! And he would have loved it, had his findings not been so fantastically mediocre.

*I would appreciate it if, kindly, no one would mention that I’m blogging about him. He hates when I do that…almost as much as Bob Bourassa does ; )

Anyway, we were both college athletes in the not so distant past, and we both thought our blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol, etc., etc. would be totally under control. I (don’t mind honking my own horn here) joined Worcester Fitness after graduating from college. He gave up exercise (albeit, as a result of his wildly demanding jobs) after college. To say that we’re competitive would be an understatement – and on October 3rd, 2012, I won the Battle of Health hands down.

The Worcester Fitness Expo did not make for the #1 date night of 2012, BUT I think it may have sparked some big changes for 2013. The boyfriend is rising at 5 a.m. to go running, and he’s packed the fridge with foreign substances like spinach and soy milk. I even caught him downloading a cholesterol-tracker app for his iPhone. He looks super, and feels great, and it’s all thanks to you, Worcester Fitness!


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