Piranha (part 4 of 6)

  1. GoldfishSwimmers should begin by practicing “super bobs” while holding onto the wall; each swimmer should extend his or her arms until they are straight.
  2. Swimmers should hold the top of their kickboards and practice flutter kicking on their fronts.
  3. Swimmers should makes spoons (not forks) out of their hands and practice scooping the water with their arms while flutter kicking on their fronts with the board. Release the board one hand at a time and practice simultaneously blowing bubbles.
  4. Put the boards up on the wall. Swimmers can practice front crawl, breathing every three strokes.
  5. Repeat with swimmers holding onto the wall with one hand, and pushing off with both feet into streamline position on their fronts. When swimmers break the surface, they should begin their arm strokes.
  6. Swimmers should hold onto the wall with both hands, and push off with both feet into streamline position on their backs.
  7. Swimmers should add arm strokes, remembering, “thumb comes out, pinky goes in” (akin to a Beyonce “All My Single Ladies” hand motion.) Each swimmer’s head should be back far enough that the water hits at his or her hair line.
  8. Swimmers will tread water for a full minute, keeping their heads dry. Use “spoon hands” and “bicycle legs” to stay vertical in the water.
  9. Swimmers can climb out of the pool and stand up to practice the scissor kick. “Lunge-together-lunge-together-lunge…”
  10. Hold the board with one arm. Place your ear on you shoulder. Practice the scissor kick.
  11. Add “apple tree” arms to complete the sidestroke. “Pick the apple and put it in the basket.” *Finger tips meet under your chin, arms remain under the water
  12. Swimmers should sit on the edge and practice breaststroke kick (bend-spread-together) “like a frog”
  13. Practice breaststroke kick using the kickboard. *Knees out, flexed toes, and don’t forget to glide!

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