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Our Anniversary Celebration Continues!

February is Heart Month

Worcester Fitness is offering free blood pressure screenings during the month of February. Get your blood pressure checked and you're instantly entered into a drawing to win one of FOUR $40 gift cards to Peppercorn's!

Screening Schedule

Wk  1- Tue 2/6 8-10am w/ Janine
           Wed 2/7 5-7pm w/ Bob
Wk  2- Mon 2/12 8-10am w/ Janine
           Thur 2/15 5-7pm w/Bob
           Sat 2/17  9:30-11am w/Janine

Wk 3- Tue 2/20 5-7pm w/ Bob 
           Wed 2/21 1-3pm w/ Bob
           Fri 2/23  8-10am w/ Janine
Wk 4- Mon 2/26 7-9am w/ Janine
           Mon 2/26 5-7pm with Bob

YEAR 40 – January Event

Bring Your Guests For Free in January!

Worcester Fitness is celebrating our 40th anniversary in 2018...and you're invited!

Each month, Worcester Fitness will be presenting a special event or program especially designed to introduce our members and their friends to our most popular programs and community events. 

January is a special month in that people everywhere are thinking about their health. Considering the challenges of a traditional New England winter, we thought we'd invite you to bring your friends and family INSIDE!

Through the end of the month, members are welcome to bring their guests to the club absolutely free! 

If you want to bring a friend to the club, simply contact Tim or Andrea and pre-register your guest. Walk-in guest passes will NOT be issued however. Simply send Tim or Andrea an email requesting a pass and they will take it from there!

We hope you enjoy our 40th Anniversary celebrations all year long!

Email Tim MacDonald

Email Andrea Shliapa

Happy Anniversary

By The MacDonald Family
Contact ANDREA with Questions 
Dear Worcester Fitness Nation,
Worcester Fitness opened forty years ago this year as Worcester Court Club, a twelve court racquetball facility.
When our family purchased the club in 1983, we did so with a clear vision: to create a health club where members come first.
The club has certainly changed a lot over the past four decades, gradually evolving to become the industry leading, multiform fitness and wellness center that we all know today. It has always been our members who have pushed our club to greatness. You've encouraged us to continue to make investments in groundbreaking fitness programming, and have supported our multiple building renovations. Most importantly, you've always been our number one resource for new memberships. You have always loved introducing your friends and family to Worcester Fitness!
To be successful, a business such as Worcester Fitness must have in place a team of professionals who share its commitment to member service. The Worcester Fitness team does this and more. It is our team that inspires us to break out of comfort zones and lead the industry, not follow. It’s their passion and enthusiasm for the work that they do and for the members that they work with that truly differentiate Worcester Fitness from other health clubs and gyms.
2018 will be a year filled with celebration for our community. Our club will be marking Year 40 with many special events that we think you will enjoy.
Our family is looking forward to sharing this very special year with you and YOUR family, our incredible team and with every one of our friends in Worcester Fitness Nation!
To all of us at Worcester Fitness, have a Happy and Healthy New Year.
The MacDonald Family



Revealed! See What Worcester Fitness Employees Do When They're NOT At The Gym!

Worcester Fitness Health Screenings

Did you know that Worcester Fitness provides on-site health screening services to community groups and businesses at THEIR location?

In fact, Worcester Fitness can offer virtually ANY health screening in just about ANY location!

Screenings we provide include (just to name a few):

• Non-Fasting Cholesterol
• Glucose Screening
• Blood Pressure
• Flexibility
• Strength
• Skin Cancer Screening

This is an incredibly economical and effective method of providing your employees with the health information they need to stay healthy, stay strong and most of all stay MOVING!

Contact Andrea today to find out more about scheduling a Worcester Fitness visit to your company or group!

Contact -





Learn more about Worcester Fitness on-site Health Screenings

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Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 9.47.45 PM

This past Monday felt like SUCH a Monday; nothing went according to plan. Per usual, I found myself running around the city like a mad woman all afternoon and when things finally settled down, all I wanted to do was duck into downtown Worcester Fitness and pound out a few miles on the treadmill.

I was so preoccupied with my mental to-do list that I barely made eye contact with a fellow passenger on the elevator until he held the door and said, “How are you Sarah?”

I snapped to attention.

“Hello, how are youuuu?” I crooned. My tenure as teacher/waitress/columnist has made me dangerously good at this game.

‘Must be a parent,’ I concluded.

He gave me a really funny look.

“Sorry,” he said. “We don’t actually know each other.”

Now I was the puzzled one.

“Your first name is monogrammed on your backpack,” he explained.

He and the receptionist chuckled.

“Are you here for his class?” she asked me.

As far as I was concerned, treadmill miles were the only things looming in my future.

“What time does it start?” I asked to be polite.


I looked at my watch…it was 5:25.

“Maybe,” I shrugged, and I darted down the stairs at lightning speed.

In the locker room, I caught sight of my reflection in the mirror. Even for a Monday, I was a sight for sore eyes. I looked tired, stressed, and frankly, unapproachable.

I paused on my way past the glass studio. ‘Should I?’ I wondered.

I did.

Steve was a delight. (He teaches yoga, by the way – a fact I was not privy to when I popped into his 5:30 mystery class.) He stretches your mind and your muscles with equal fortitude. And, he tells jokes. Lots of them.

Sometimes the right people find you. Thank goodness Steve loves a good monogram.


Award winning, beautiful gym located in downtown Worcester!

No that’s not a news story about some new project expected in Worcester.

It’s a FACT!

Worcester Fitness has a gorgeous, spotless health and fitness club that features a penthouse view, unlimited visits, group exercise studio and classes, cardio equipment like treadmills and cross trainers as well as tons (literally) of free weights and conditioning equipment.

PLUS the place is pretty plush!

Beautiful locker rooms and showers with steam rooms and massage therapy.

Best of all?


Where in downtown Worcester can you find that?

It’s time to get reacquainted with Worcester Fitness at 123 Summer Street inside Saint Vincent Hospital. It’s only $45* a month to join, no contracts just a 10 day notice to cancel.

Great staff, amazing gym at an incredible price!

Call us at 508-363-7000 to get started!

*offer valid at 123 Summer Street location ONLY!


Free Class Next Wednesday Night!

You’ve heard quite a bit about the power of Kettlebell training haven’t you? Our own Kait Littlejohn knows how effective a kettle bell workout can be and wants to show you…first hand!

Next Wednesday June 10 at 4:30PM at Worcester Fitness, Kait’s teaching a FREE kettle ball preview class at GROVE Street! Soon, the HD Training program will include this class so it’s the perfect opportunity to become familiar with the equipment and the movements!

You’ve got to try this class!

Contact with any questions about the class!

Worcester Fitness Summer Run Series | 2015

Now that it is reasonably safe to assume that the roads will remain clear of ice and snow for at least a couple of months, Worcester Fitness and MacDonald’s Tavern are proud to announce the 2015 Summer Run Series.

Clear streets, warm weather and Worcester Fitness Nation’s resident Running Coach, Bob Bourassa together are the best combination for a fun and effective group run! Questions about the weekly group run?



3M Yoga Returns for Summer Sessions

As we age, our bodies become more and more used to postures and positions that may not be conducive to flexibility and pain free living.

Youth affords us all many physical benefits. One of the most important physical features of youth often taken for granted is a natural tendency to be flexible in major muscle areas. Think about how easy it was when we were younger to jump up from a chair or twist our bodies to pick something up.

As years go by, our bodies become a bit more “accepting” of the sedentary nature of our lives by adapting to hours of sitting or repetitive motion. Our muscles begin to tighten and our range of motion begins to shrink. Then one day, you find yourself in serious pain after simply reaching for a coffee cup.

There is some good news though!

The human body is always up for some change! All we have to do is commit to a well thought out and well paced transition from inflexible to flexible. Warming up muscles before stretching, making sure to change positions frequently during the day, avoiding sitting in a chair for more than an hour without standing up, etc.

Worcester Fitness is now offering a fantastic new program that will speed up your transition into a more flexible, healthier body. It’s called 3M Yoga™.

3M Yoga™ is taught by our own Denleigh Grniet who has dedicated her professional life to fitness, wellness and health. Denleigh has worked with hundreds of clients during her career concentrating on a extremely effective blend of yoga sensibilities and cardio and strength conditioning. 3M Yoga™ is something that Denleigh feels can help mature fitness enthusiasts become stronger and more flexible, even if they have NEVER taken a yoga class before.

3M Yoga™ is a gentle yoga class that will improve balance, flexibility, foot health, range of motion, mobility, mind, and overall health. You can participate in this class in either a floor or chair setting.

Remember the three “M’s” for 3M Yoga™ – Movement for the Mature Muscles. If you are older, 3M Yoga is the perfect way to get introduced to yoga!

Eight Week Series Staring June 2

June 2 – July 30 Thursdays at 9:30am

Members: $64 Paid In Full, Drop In: $9

Non-Members: $76 Paid In Full, Drop In: $12

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 9.47.45 PMYesterday, I ran the lake.

The Indian Lake loop has been in my repertoire since I was ten years old; I know every single inch of that route. In the early years, my mom and I would set out from our Pratt Street three-decker by bike or on foot in our matching Keds sneakers. As I got older, the clubs and teams of Forest Grove Middle School became the catalyst for all runs on my favorite route. After I left for college, I’d meet up with friends to “run the lake” whenever I came home for the holidays.

I can no longer clock the splits of my teenage track and field days, and I no longer live nor attend school by the lake, but sometimes I just can’t help taking a run down memory lane. Now, my lake loops begin and end at Worcester Fitness.

I love how a workout at Worcester Fitness never confines you to the four walls of a gym, it simply provides you with a healthy home base for all of your athletic endeavors.

worcester-fitness-joanne features Worcester Fitness Interview

Visit to view this and other great articles!

By Ryan Rushton

Worcester, which is the second largest city in New England (behind Boston) is home to more than 181 thousand people. Within the area, residents have voted Worcester Fitness the “Best Gym in Worcester” for its cleanliness, helpful and attentive staff, and wide variety of exercise classes. With two different locations included with one membership, Worcester Fitness has been dedicated to delivering and exceeding the fitness needs of the Worcester area since 1978.

One thing that Tim MacDonald, General Manager of Worcester Fitness has seen over the past 36 years is that everyone wants to capitalize on people’s desire to get fit. “Hundreds of mega-technologies, pseudo-sciences, and quick-fix pharmaceuticals jump into the wellness arena in an attempt to profit on people’s goals to stay healthy and live longer, happier lives.” Yet, as these new “cutting-edge” products come and go, we need to keep in mind that regular exercise and eating right are the best ways to stay healthy.

MacDonald sees his fitness center as a leader in the fitness movement, explaining that Worcester Fitness hires the best fitness professionals in the area to teach people how to get in shape- and stay in shape. It is also the only independently-owned health-club company in the city with two independent health clubs right in Worcester.

The access to both locations with one membership is a nice perk. At the Grove Street location, you’ll find a cardio room, weight room, pool, two racquetball courts, four rooms dedicated to fitness classes, and a cycling room. If you’re looking for a change of scenery for your next workout, try the Summer St. location on the 6th floor of St. Vincent’s Hospital, which offers a spectacular view over the city.

Another great feature that you’ll find with Worcester Fitness is the ability to fully customize your membership. For instance, if you really enjoy small group classes, you can just purchase the small group classes that you would like to participate in. If you’re under the age of 25, you can sign up for a Young Adult Membership that offers a significant discount.

Many members enjoy the wide variety of group classes that are offered. MacDonald says that, “Right now, the power of group exercise is coming from two categories of fitness: the bootcamp style classes and water fitness program.” With each attracting hundreds of participants each week, more and more people are signing up after they see a class in action. At Worcester Fitness, you’ll notice that the inclusive atmosphere does a great job of accommodating both beginners and long-time participants.

Worcester Fitness gives back to the Worcester community by dedicating hundreds of hours each year to support local charitable organizations. One such organization is Planting the Seed Foundation, which is a Worcester-based group that supplies homeless children with clothing, holiday toys, and school supplies.



Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Worcester Fitness!

Here are all the fun events happening in Worcester Fitness Nation today…plenty of time for a great workout and a touch of the holiday spirit at MacDonald’s Tavern!

HD Training

5:00PM Cardio Sport with Kat Pittinger

6:00PM RX Fitness with Tara Hoekstra

Group Fitness

12:00 PM Power Abs and Core Solutions with Ellen Chevalier

5:15PM Cycle with Denleigh Grniet

5:30PM Cardio Max with Mary Daniel

6:00PM Aqua Jam with Picky Lanigan

6:45PM Aqua Tone with Sarah Farley