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As a Spartan Coach, you encourage people to look beyond their perceived physical limitations. How do you do this?

Encouraging people to move beyond their comfort zone is what I love to do most! Four or five years ago when I first became certified as a SGX Coach and when Spartan racing was still in its infancy, many members were intimidated by the SGX logo and class. Most felt that they were not able to handle a class suited for obstacle course racers. Members would walk by and observe class, they would listen as SGX participants talked about an upcoming race or how they did during their physical assessments and wonder if they could do the same. Eventually, more members gathered up the courage to walk into class and participate. They quickly realized that it wasn’t as bad as they had assumed. Yes, Spartan training can be intense. It does include “non-traditional” movements/exercises (i.e. carrying buckets, climbing ropes, crawling under barbed wire, etc.) and it does feature many well conditioned athletes, but our main focus for everybody is foundational movements (i.e. bridging, planks, pushing, pulling, crawling, etc.), flexibility, stamina, and developing a positive mindset/attitude. So, how do I encourage participants to go beyond their perceived physical limitations? I tell them to commit to being uncomfortable! We all face unique obstacles in life and in training. Change your perspective and see obstacles as an opportunity to grow!  “Nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort.” - Theodore Roosevelt

What advice would give someone who has never thought of themselves as an “athlete” but wants to, or needs to, make changes to be healthier?

I believe that everyone has the ability to be an athlete. I once heard someone say, “if you have a body, then you're an athlete”.  An athlete can be someone who races, competes in sports, or workouts regularly to stay in shape. The person in the back of the pack at a road race or the back of the room during a group exercise session is still an athlete. Athletes all share some common traits. They embrace a healthy lifestyle and commit to improving their physical well-being through exercise. This definition captures people from all walks of life. Athletes challenge themselves to improve their agility, strength, stamina and coordination. They demonstrate dedication, focus, grit and enjoy physical movement. Everybody should consider themselves an “athlete in training.”  You do not need to be the very best at something to be an athlete.

What do you see as the next frontier in fitness training?

To be honest, I like the current fitness trend of team training - a small group of individuals working toward similar goals. It provides an opportunity for clients to take advantage of a coach’s expertise while maintaining a fun, supportive and competitive group dynamic.

One of your passions is coaching. What advice would you give to first year fitness instructors who are struggling to find their niche?

My advice for a fitness instructor struggling to find their niche would be to find what they are passionate about and gets them excited to workout while motivating others to do the same. Discover your passion by exposing yourself to a wide variety of fitness styles,  classes and instructors. Participate in random classes that are either offered at your facility or somewhere else. Talk and receive suggestions from members whenever you can. Then, pursue a professional certification that encompasses your new found passion. Lastly, experiment by programming a class or group training program for your members.

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To Benefit the Children and Families from Why Me/Sherry’s House.

Sunday, March 3rd  8am-12pm Worcester Fitness

Join Worcester Fitness Nation for our Annual Spin-a-Thon to benefit Why Me/Sherry’s House.

Why Me stands for Worcester Helps Youth - Memories Everlasting and they have a fantastic home for the families of children fighting cancer called Sherry’s House.  Over 90% of the funds raised will go directly to help the children. You can’t get a more powerful charity and it helps people right here in our community.  This will be one of the most memorable and powerful events you’ve ever attended!


For over 10 years, the annual Spin-a-Thon benefited the American Cancer Society and raised over $100,000.  Last year, we moved our efforts to Why Me/Sherry’s House and we raised over $22,000!


Here’s how it works:  We have 30 bikes in a huge and special room filled with the most positive happy people you’ve ever met.  The instructors play music, motivate you, encouraging you to sing, dance, spin and sweat your way through the 3-hour event.  Some will ride the entire time themselves, many will stay on the bike the entire time without taking a break. Others will team up to share a bike with teams from 2 to 6 people swapping off at intervals determined by the team captain and the teammates.  Children and families from Why Me/Sherry’s House will join us to share their impact story and to ride the bikes with us! Costumes and other fun plans are strongly encouraged and welcomed!


Fundraising:  Each bike is responsible for a minimum of $300.00.  We will provide you with an online fundraising page that you can share with your social media contacts, friends and family so they can donate to your efforts in a safe and secure manner.  We ask each rider to register with a $25.00 initial deposit that goes to your $300 requirement. The funds will pour in as was proven last year with 30 riders raising $22,000!


Shirts, Energy and a Party:  Each registered rider will receive an exclusive awesome shirt.  During the ride, volunteers will offer snacks, drinks and other energy boosting supplies to get yours through your ride. Pretzels, Starburst, Gatorade, and water. After the event, there will be a big party at MacDonald’s Tavern at Worcester Fitness!


Can’t Ride but want to Help?:  For $300, you can have your company logo added to the back of our shirt and be mentioned countless times in our social media networks.  Also, you can make donations toward the event, or specific riders. Additionally, you can come volunteer, cheer, sing and dance and come to the party after!  Contact Andy to set this up!


How to Join the Fun!: Contact Director of Health and Wellness Andy Sharry at (508)852-8209 or to reserve a bike.  I will send you the fundraising link where you can register for $25.00.  If you are riding with a team, I’ll need to know the names and contact information for each rider and they will have to register.  You’ll need to supply me with your team name too. Then you can get moving on your fundraising efforts!

“This club is amazing… I’m a big fan of the weight room, the staff, the club members, and the steam room. I’ve met some incredibly friendly and welcoming people here. Want a protein smoothie on your way out? Here you go.

The bar attached to the facility for those who want to unwind after a long day and catch a game. Very cool. They also offer free fitness tests to measure some key body metrics so you can track your progress, includes body fat, strength, flexibility, cardiovascular, and blood pressure.

I’ve been to many gyms around the country and have never had that offered to me for free before. With that on top of the high-level fitness advice, they give you afterward, as a customer, that tells me they actually care about my health (instead of just the bottom line). Seriously cannot be more satisfied with this gym 

 Well done Worcester Fitness! Thank you for everything!” John Dinovella

John thank you so much for this incredible review! It means a TON to us.

More importantly, we are thrilled that you are getting results and enjoying it!

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“Worcester Fitness is hands down one of the best gym experiences I have ever had! I started at Worcester Fitness when my boyfriend signed an employment contract in Worcester. I was extremely sad to go once my boyfriend signed elsewhere.
All of the staff and members are so friendly, making me feel so welcome as I knew no one in Worcester prior to moving there. I am big on group fitness and Andy’s spin classes are second to none! I also loved Tracey’s Muscle and Cardio Express classes.
Get a membership at Worcester Fitness, you won’t regret it! I miss it every day.”

Jenna Einarson, via Google Reviews

Thank you SO MUCH Jenna Einarson for your kind words about Worcester Fitness! We loved having you at the club and hope to see you if you come back to Worcester for a visit!
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