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“This club is amazing… I’m a big fan of the weight room, the staff, the club members, and the steam room. I’ve met some incredibly friendly and welcoming people here. Want a protein smoothie on your way out? Here you go.

The bar attached to the facility for those who want to unwind after a long day and catch a game. Very cool. They also offer free fitness tests to measure some key body metrics so you can track your progress, includes body fat, strength, flexibility, cardiovascular, and blood pressure.

I’ve been to many gyms around the country and have never had that offered to me for free before. With that on top of the high-level fitness advice, they give you afterward, as a customer, that tells me they actually care about my health (instead of just the bottom line). Seriously cannot be more satisfied with this gym 

 Well done Worcester Fitness! Thank you for everything!” John Dinovella

John thank you so much for this incredible review! It means a TON to us.

More importantly, we are thrilled that you are getting results and enjoying it!

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“Worcester Fitness is hands down one of the best gym experiences I have ever had! I started at Worcester Fitness when my boyfriend signed an employment contract in Worcester. I was extremely sad to go once my boyfriend signed elsewhere.
All of the staff and members are so friendly, making me feel so welcome as I knew no one in Worcester prior to moving there. I am big on group fitness and Andy’s spin classes are second to none! I also loved Tracey’s Muscle and Cardio Express classes.
Get a membership at Worcester Fitness, you won’t regret it! I miss it every day.”

Jenna Einarson, via Google Reviews

Thank you SO MUCH Jenna Einarson for your kind words about Worcester Fitness! We loved having you at the club and hope to see you if you come back to Worcester for a visit!
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