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Train with Your Worcester Fitness Running Team


Join Worcester Fitness Running Team for a 7-week Training Program for area Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5K’s.


• Coaching in person and through email correspondences.

• Running with a team of folks training for the same event.

• Joining a team that's perfect for beginners and less experienced runners

• A detailed 7-week training program


• The runs will begin and end at Worcester Fitness, 440 Grove Street.

• Courses and distances will vary week to week

• The program begins Saturday, Oct. 6 and runs through Saturday, Nov. 17th.

• Runs will begin at 9 am.

Led by Worcester Fitness Running Coach Bob Bourassa

USA Track & Field: Level One Coach

Bob is a National Strength and Conditioning Association: Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and is a USA Track & Field: Level One Coach. He has run more than 40 marathons including Boston, Disney, Rock n Roll Arizona, and Rock ‘n Roll San Antonio.

Here is just a sample of the area Turkey Trot races already scheduled:

Holden Road Race 5k
Run for the Memory in Shrewsbury
Slattery's Turkey Trot
many more Holiday Themed Races


2nd Annual Knockout 90 for Breast Cancer 

In March of 2017, Meg Paradis was diagnosed with breast cancer.   KO 90 is an event to give back to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, to the place that is helping Meg, and so many more.

Wednesday, October 3 6-8pm

• Three consecutive 30-minute classes, spin, strength, and camp.
(Participants change rooms at the 30-minute mark.)

• Raffles, food, etc to follow after the 90-minute workout

• Sign-ups begin Tuesday 9/4. $30 registration fee

• T-shirt, hat, water bottle included

• 66 spots, open to members and non-members.

• All proceeds will go to Yawkey 9 at Dana Farber for Breast Cancer research.

Sign up at the Front Desk at Worcester Fitness!

Questions? email

Keeping our muscles pliable is HARD WORK!

Sometimes we don’t have the time to do all the hard work ourselves, and other times we don’t have the ability to do what needs to be done on our own. Stretching is something we all know we should do, but don’t do enough.

Aspects of stretching are as much neurological as muscular, and our therapists are trained in many of these techniques. Often, we mix these techniques in during a typical Sports Massage.

Assisted stretching has been used with professional athletes for several years. Most recently, professional golfers with the PGA enjoy the benefits of assisted stretching and massage at PGA events.

Other high profile athletes, like Tom Brady, have been more interested in pliability over brute strength for performance and longevity.

Assisted stretching is an incredible program ideal for golfers, racquetball and tennis players, runners and athletes from any sport!

Our therapists, Steve and Chris, are available to do regional or full-body stretches. During these sessions, you stay dressed while your therapist works on lengthening your muscles.

Sessions are available for 30 or 60 minutes!

30 minutes - $45
60 minutes - $79

Book an Appointment

Assisted Stretching

"Every child deserves the opportunity to learn to swim!"

Jenni Waldron, Worcester Fitness WSI Instructor

Adaptive Swimming is a parent and child class tailored to the needs of children living with various intellectual and behavioral disorders including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, ADHD, and Intellectual Disabilities.

The primary goal of this class will focus on water safety, i.e., waiting to jump in the water with adult permission, in addition to enhancing swimming ability. The course will be taught with principles derived from Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and families are welcome to bring visuals and incentives that work for their child to aid in their learning process.

Adaptive Swimming further aims to provide children with learning differences in a socially safe environment that is accepting of all learning styles.

Every child deserves the opportunity to learn to swim and enjoy the many therapeutic benefits the water has to offer - come join us for the watery fun!

This class is geared to ages 10 and under.

Adaptive Swimming is led by WSI Instructor Jenni Waldron. Jenni has her Masters in Clinical Psychology and is studying for her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at William James College.

Parent and Child Swim Class

September 22 - November 10 [8-week session]
11:45 AM
Ages 10 and under

Price $170

Skin Cancer Screenings

Worcester Fitness has been providing corporate clients with skin cancer clinics including screenings and sun safety seminars for over 20 years!

Now, as part of our 40th Anniversary celebration, Worcester Fitness will be offering free skin cancer screenings on Thursday May 17 from 10am to 6pm. Included will be information on the dangers of excessive sun exposure and tips on preventing skin cancer.

Our friends at The World Skin Project will be performing the screenings using the Dermascan device which is designed to show potential sun damage areas on the face.

Our Massage Therapy team will also be offering free chair massage.

Stay healthy, stay safe...get the most out of the beautiful weather of the season!

Mindful Relaxation for Mothers

Join Yoga instructor Mary Beth Woodward and Mental Health Counselor Jenni Waldron on a three week journey to complete mindfulness and relaxation specifically geared for mothers.

Find a safe and warm escape from the crazy lives we lead by surrounding yourself in healthy, happy, positive energy. You'll be with a group of like-minded Mothers as you transport yourself from the stresses of life to a place where you are calm, centered and peaceful. Marybeth will use music, essential oils, gentle yoga, body movements, and mindful relaxation techniques to achieve your peace.

After your 60 minute class, you'll gather together for an important group workshop led by Jenni to help with all the dynamic requirements of being a woman and mother. Complete each session with refreshments, wine & light snacks.

This three part series will provide you with serenity during the sessions, and will give you the necessary skills to use during your lives away from Worcester Fitness.This exclusive three week series is open to just 10 women. You will have valuable time with Marybeth and Jenni in a small group setting, and various resources you can apply to your life.

Marybeth Woodward has been a yoga professional at Worcester Fitness for 10 years. She is a registered 200-hour Lyengar Yoga Instructor with more than 10 years experience.

She believes that " Connecting mind, body and soul, leads to strength, confidence and inner peace"

April 27th • May 4th • May 11th

Jenni Waldron has her Masters in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, after earning her undergraduate degree from Suffolk University.

She is studying for her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at William James College. She loves to teach children how to swim in her role as a swim instructor at Worcester Fitness.

Her belief is that it's our mission to find a balance between work and play that leads us to peace and

Nick Crossman • Swimming Instructor

Team Spotlight | Nick Crossman

Today we highlight another member of the Worcester Fitness Swim Lesson Team, Nick Crossman. Nick has been involved with teaching young people to swim since he was just 16 years old when he became a swim instructor aid.

Nick took a liking to the water even earlier though! He started his own personal swim instruction when he was only three years old in the Water Babies classes and has been on swimming teams since the age of eight.

Nick was also the captain of the swim team at Sandwich High School.

It's no coincidence then that Nick's favorite place to be is at the beach!

When he's not teaching young people to swim or swimming competitively himself, Nick enjoys playing the piano and cooking. Nick is a big proponent of trying new types of food.

A VERY special Thank You to Worcester Fitness member Joe Peterson for this fantastic feedback! We are incredibly proud of Picky Lanigan and the words like these make our day!

"I never post reviews but I feel the need, so here goes! I have a rare genetic disease that basically limits me to a zero impact work out if any.

I came here in November and met with Picky. I had no lofty expectations, being an overweight out of shape forty-something, year old man, but she made me feel comfortable and welcome. Five months later, while staying aware of my limitations she has helped me shed almost forty lbs in a pool!

Although I know I could never have done it without out her she has made me feel like she is proud of me! This is why I had to leave this review. Thank you Picky!"


Team Spotlight | Jenni Waldron

The Worcester Fitness Swimming Lesson Team is fast becoming one of the most widely regarded youth swim lesson groups in Massachusetts. The team, led by Kat Butterfield, has done a remarkable job not only teaching children how to swim in a fun and safe way, but also positioning Worcester Fitness as the premier swim lesson location for parents and children in Worcester, MA.

Today, we would like to introduce you to Swim Instructor Jenni Waldron.

Jenni swam competitively for 14 years, with her main event being 100 yards Butterfly.

She began teaching swim lessons and spreading her love and passion for the water while in high school when she became certified in Water Safety Instruction (WSI) at the age of 17. Jenni attended undergraduate school in Boston where she taught swim lessons at YMCA Chinatown - in fact, it was at this facility where she learned how to teach Parent Child classes!

Jenni continued teaching private swim lessons when she relocated to Los Angeles for graduate school. Upon her return to Massachusetts, Jenni found herself settling down in the city of Worcester where she worked full time in nearby Rutland, MA. Shortly after her arrival, Jenni began to crave the water again and discovered Worcester Fitness in her search for a positive, fun and health promoting community to continue to channel her passion for swimming as an instructor.

Given her educational training and work experience, Jenni is especially passionate and experienced in teaching students with a variety of special needs, including Autism, Down Syndrome, partial paralysis, ADHD, Intellectual Disabilities and the like.

Jenni strongly identifies with marine life and feels the only thing that separates her from the dolphins is a fin!

Our Anniversary Celebration Continues!

February is Heart Month

Worcester Fitness is offering free blood pressure screenings during the month of February. Get your blood pressure checked and you're instantly entered into a drawing to win one of FOUR $40 gift cards to Peppercorn's!

Screening Schedule

Wk  1- Tue 2/6 8-10am w/ Janine
           Wed 2/7 5-7pm w/ Bob
Wk  2- Mon 2/12 8-10am w/ Janine
           Thur 2/15 5-7pm w/Bob
           Sat 2/17  9:30-11am w/Janine

Wk 3- Tue 2/20 5-7pm w/ Bob 
           Wed 2/21 1-3pm w/ Bob
           Fri 2/23  8-10am w/ Janine
Wk 4- Mon 2/26 7-9am w/ Janine
           Mon 2/26 5-7pm with Bob

YEAR 40 – January Event

Bring Your Guests For Free in January!

Worcester Fitness is celebrating our 40th anniversary in 2018...and you're invited!

Each month, Worcester Fitness will be presenting a special event or program especially designed to introduce our members and their friends to our most popular programs and community events. 

January is a special month in that people everywhere are thinking about their health. Considering the challenges of a traditional New England winter, we thought we'd invite you to bring your friends and family INSIDE!

Through the end of the month, members are welcome to bring their guests to the club absolutely free! 

If you want to bring a friend to the club, simply contact Tim or Andrea and pre-register your guest. Walk-in guest passes will NOT be issued however. Simply send Tim or Andrea an email requesting a pass and they will take it from there!

We hope you enjoy our 40th Anniversary celebrations all year long!

Email Tim MacDonald

Email Andrea Shliapa

Happy Anniversary

By The MacDonald Family
Contact ANDREA with Questions 
Dear Worcester Fitness Nation,
Worcester Fitness opened forty years ago this year as Worcester Court Club, a twelve court racquetball facility.
When our family purchased the club in 1983, we did so with a clear vision: to create a health club where members come first.
The club has certainly changed a lot over the past four decades, gradually evolving to become the industry leading, multiform fitness and wellness center that we all know today. It has always been our members who have pushed our club to greatness. You've encouraged us to continue to make investments in groundbreaking fitness programming, and have supported our multiple building renovations. Most importantly, you've always been our number one resource for new memberships. You have always loved introducing your friends and family to Worcester Fitness!
To be successful, a business such as Worcester Fitness must have in place a team of professionals who share its commitment to member service. The Worcester Fitness team does this and more. It is our team that inspires us to break out of comfort zones and lead the industry, not follow. It’s their passion and enthusiasm for the work that they do and for the members that they work with that truly differentiate Worcester Fitness from other health clubs and gyms.
2018 will be a year filled with celebration for our community. Our club will be marking Year 40 with many special events that we think you will enjoy.
Our family is looking forward to sharing this very special year with you and YOUR family, our incredible team and with every one of our friends in Worcester Fitness Nation!
To all of us at Worcester Fitness, have a Happy and Healthy New Year.
The MacDonald Family