Aerobic Intensity | “How should I feel when I exercise?”

Paying attention to your body during exercise is critical to getting safe results!


By Rick McCarthy

For people who are generally healthy and fit, using a percentage of your Age- Predicted Maximum Heart Rate ( 220 minus your age)  is a good measure of the intensity at which you are working, with a range of 60% –  85%  of your MHR as a goal ( 50%  if you are new to that exercise) .

For those who are new to exercise, de-conditioned, or are taking medications that may affect your heart rate (such as beta- blockers) , a better measure is what we call Perceived Exertion –  essentially, how we feel while doing the activity.

If you can keep a steady pace, maintain a good breathing pattern, and can think and talk clearly, then you are doing it right!

If you’d like more information on Aerobic Intensity send me an email at, and I’ll answer your questions.

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