1986 Celtics vs. 2018 Celtics

1986 Celtics vs. 2018 Celtics

Boston Celtics Fitness Challenge

You will be placed on one of two teams, the ‘86 Celtics OR the ’18 Celtics! Every day, you’ll represent your team by picking a new workout at the front desk. Just complete your assigned workout and record your points on the way out of the club. EVERY DAY is a brand new game in this exciting four week season!

Check Facebook and Instagram for final scores every day!

Rules and Regulations

  1. 1 game played every day with the ‘86 Celtics vs. the ‘18 Celtics.
  2. You will be placed on one of the teams and stay on that team for the 4-week season.
  3. Only one workout redeemed each day; classes cannot be saved for later use- must be used same day during that scheduled class time (will not be penalized for picking a new workout if that class is not available)
  4. Options/workouts will be provided at the front desk. Take workout, complete, and return to the desk at the end before leaving. The member services staff will record points for you in the record book!
  5. Please give your best effort. Use the highest resistance, elevation, weights and overall effort that you can for each challenge.
  6. You are allowed to foul 5 times throughout season! (You can place a workout back and pick a new one if you would like but only have 5 opportunities to do so within the 4 weeks).
  7. One of our goals is to expose you to new equipment, classes, routines and challenges that you normally avoid. We are here to help, so please ask someone in a blue shirt to help you achieve your goals.

Here are some of the exercises you’ll be asked to complete when you pull your daily basketball out of the basket.  There will be a wide variety of workouts on the balls to challenge you in many ways over the course of the 4 weeks.


            1 Point Free Throw

  • Treadmill: run or walk 2 miles
  • Stairmill: 10 minutes
  • Elliptical machines: 20 minutes on any elliptical you want
  • Rowing Machine: Row for 15 minutes or 2000 meters


            2 Point Basket

  • Treadmill: Intervals with 30 seconds running, 30 seconds walking for 2 miles
  • Stairmill: 15 minutes same speed whole time
  • Elliptical: 20 minutes with crossramp Minimum Level 8, Resistance Minimum Level 5
  • Rowing Machine: Row for 15 minutes or2000m with 1 min comfortable recovery and 20 secs all out full sprint


            3 Pointer

  • Treadmill: Incline Intervals with Incline Minimum Level 4 with 45-second run,  45 secs walk, 15-second sprint, repeat for 2 miles
  • Starimill: Changing Level between 4 and 8.  Warm up at 4 for 3 minutes. Every minute increase by 1 Level until you hit Level 8, then decrease every minute back to Level 4, then cool down on Level 4 for 3 minutes. 13 minutes total
  • Elliptical: 20 minutes with crossramp Minimum Level 9, Resistance Minimum Level 5.  Recover for 60 seconds, Go Hard for 30 seconds
  • Rowing Machine: 100m all out, 10 push-ups, 10 bodyweight squats x 10


*4 Point Play

(Hitting a 3 pointer, getting fouled, making the Free Throw = 4 points!)

  • 10 Flights on Stairmill immediately followed by 10 pushups immediately followed by .25 mile run on Treadmill followed by 10 bodyweight squats immediately followed by 200 meters on Rowing Machine followed by 10 burpees followed by 30-second plank.

* 4 Point Plays can be turned back in without counting as one of your 5 fouls

* 4 Point Plays  can only be performed 4 weeks contest



            1 Point Free Throw

  • Mini Strength Circuit Room: complete all upper body machines with 12 reps per machine, repeating circuit 3 times using the maximum weights you can handle.
  • Strength Circuit Room: complete all lower body machines with 12 reps per machine, repeating circuit 3 times using the maximum weights you can handle.


            2 Point Basket

  • Medium Strength Routine: Lat Pull Downs, Assisted Pull-Ups Push-Ups, 12 reps per exercise, repeating 3 times
  • Mini-Strength Routine: Wall Ball Squats, Alternating Reverse Lunges, Split Squats 12 reps per exercise, repeating 3 times all  holding minimum 10 pound dumbbells


3 Pointer

  • Big Strength Routine: 15 Tricep Pull Downs, 15 Push-ups, 15 TRX Rows, 15 TRX Squats  Repeat 3x
  • Big Strength Routine: single leg squat/sit to stand, rear foot elevated split squats, box jumps 3x10 ALL





1 Point Free Throw

  • Take a class you’ve taken in the previous year for one point. You can only take one class per day, and can’t do a strength or cardio workout the same day as a class and receive score points.


3 Pointer

  • Take a class you haven’t taken in the previous year for three points.

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