Monday Classes

14 AWESOME Classes EVERY Monday!

Monday's are pretty special at Worcester Fitness... well, EVERY day is pretty special actually! BUT...Monday's rock in a big way.

For example---how about 14 INSANELY AWESOME group exercise classes!?

Take 'em all (taking them all on the SAME day-not recommended)!

Check out our schedule at #fitness #groupexercise #groupfitness #worcesterma



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Andy Sharry information

Andy is the Director of Fitness and Wellness at Worcester Fitness. "Connecting people is my passion. I love to facilitate opportunities for humans to interact in positive ways in healthy, balanced endeavors. In my personal and public life, it's what I'm most proud of. The medals earned, weight lost, miles run are incredible feats. But, it all takes a back seat to the connections members of my team have forged. These are lifelong bonds, and I'm so proud be a major part of improving the lives of other people. Come see me at Worcester Fitness.