Worcester Mini-Olympics

Worcester Mini-Olympics

Proud to be the sponsor of the Worcester Public Schools Mini-Olympics!


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About the Events

The Worcester Mini-Olympics has been promoting fitness, physical activity and athletics to Worcester's Public School children for nearly 40 years.

With two events held each year at Foley Stadium in Worcester, Massachusetts, the program benefits hundreds of children each year.

The events have been created to introduce students a fun and exciting day of healthy competition, while at the same time exposing them to their peers and creating a strong sense of community.

The spring event welcomes students from every public school in Worcester. The fall event welcomes Life Skills, SAIL and COAST program students.


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Our Involvement

Worcester Public School Physical Education Teachers Meghan Paradis and Meghan McDonald lead the campaign each year to bring the Worcester Mini-Olympics to new levels.
In 2013, they approached Worcester Fitness about becoming involved as primary sponsors. After seeing the event in person, the Worcester Fitness team was overwhelmed by the power and love that the event generated.
From that point on, Worcester Fitness has provided brand new uniforms for every participant at every school each year.




Celebrating 40 Years!

This year, on Wednesday May 31, Worcester Fitness joins the Worcester Mini-Olympics in celebrating it's fortieth year!
Big things are being planned for this years Spring and Fall events and we need YOUR help!
Volunteer, help us get the word out to past participants, share the info on social media...anything you can do to make this years events the biggest ever!