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Spartan Training
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The BEST way to train for your first, second, or fiftieth Spartan™ race event!

Spartan™ Races are HUGE in the world of fitness training and athletic competition! That's why our own Spartan competitor Tracy Riley created the Worcester Fitness Spartan Training Program. Her mission is simple- if you have the heart for a Spartan Race, she will help you build the body. One thing is certain, competing in Spartan Races is primo challenging to ANYONE involved. If you want this then you need to train specifically FOR this. Tracy has been in the trenches and in the mud many times competing with some of the best athletes in the world. She knows exactly what to do to help you get through the race safe and happy...ready for your next event!


The Program

Spartan Training at Worcester Fitness

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$75/mth Unlimited Spartan Training Monthly

$50 for Ten Classes


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