Practicing Yoga By Robyn dos Santos, Yoga Instructor, Licensed Therapist and Counselor Worcester Fitness  As the winter months come to a close, many of us begin to plan a well-deserved vacation. Good vacations often include a chance to renew ourselves, to simply exist in a relaxing environment without the demands of everyday life and the expectations of others. We look forward to new experiences of our choice, and opportunities for play. We never want vacationsRead More

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Weight Loss 75% Diet, 25% Exercise By Emily Creamer-Collins, Master Trainer Worcester Fitness  If fat loss is your goal, both nutrition and exercise are important. Generally speaking, weight loss is 75% diet and 25% exercise. An analysis of more than 700 weight loss studies found that people see the biggest short-term results when they eat smart. If fat loss is your goal, both nutrition and exercise are important. Calories in/out On average, people who dietedRead More

Encouraging Healthy Living for Our Youth Bridging the Fitness Generation Gap By Meghan Paradis, Physical Education Teacher, Fitness Instructor City of Worcester, MA • Worcester Fitness  How many of the activities that we start in our youth, do we continue with as adults? We look back fondly to the days of swimming in the pool, playing games in the yard, and always looking for some type of different adventure.  As children, we never concentrated onRead More

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Self Defense By Roland J. Hamelin, Contributing Writer Worcester Fitness   Worcester Fitness is proud to welcome 5th degree Aikido Black belt and instructor Bob Caron to the second of our our three-part Wellness Series. Bob was the chief instructor of Zenshinkan Dojo (an Aikido and Zen school in Worcester) for 18 years. Caron Sensei has trained with many of the foremost experts of modern Aikido including his late teacher Fumio Toyoda Shihan, founder ofRead More

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Power Poses Your body posture CAN impact your emotional state. By Emily Creamer Collins, Master Personal Trainer Worcester Fitness Personal Training Have you ever found yourself making an assumption about someone based entirely on what they look like? I’m not talking about summing up a person by the clothes they’re wearing, that’s not what I mean. What I mean is, have you ever judged someone by how they were carrying themselves? And before you say,Read More