Worcester Fitness Yoga Instructor
Learning How to Befriend the Body. Daniella Wittern Bush - Yoga Instructor Worcester Fitness In an oft-repeated phrase, the American actress Mariel Hemingway once said, “Yoga teaches you how to listen to your body.” This is exactly what yoga should do. But the irony of the way yoga is practiced in our society—perhaps because we are so programmed to always be competing, whether with ourselves or with others—is that even if we begin our yogaRead More

worcester fitness blog the mom olympics
The Mom Olympics By Steve Dozois, LMT, Worcester Fitness Contact Steve  Here at Worcester Fitness, everyone is an athlete.  Today I'd like to highlight the moms who do so much in what I call the Mom Olympics.  One big difference from the real Olympics is that mom's don't compete for medals or even recognition.  Many moms out there may not consider themselves athletes if they don't get to the gym often or have any otherRead More

Worcester Fitness Team Spartan Training Team at the Spartan Beast April 29
Our Athletes Rock the Weekend! By Roland Hamelin, Contributing Writer Worcester Fitness  For years now, Worcester Fitness has described itself as a "club without walls"...with good reason! To us, membership to Worcester Fitness means significantly more than coming to the club a few days each week and using the equipment. We are "More than a Gym!" Our memberships are more about the love and passion that EVERYONE in Worcester Fitness Nation has not only forRead More

Picky Lanigan Certified MS Exercise Specialist at Worcester Fitness
Picky Lanigan MS Exercise Specialist By Roland Hamelin, Contributing Writer Worcester Fitness  Worcester Fitness is very proud to announce that Personal Trainer Picky Lanigan has recently become a certified Aquatic Exercise specialist for clients with Multiple Sclerosis through the Aquatic Exercise Association and MSAA Multiple Sclerosis Association of America. Latest Certification Picky has been working with clients with serious pre-existing conditions for many years utilizing her experience as a nationally recognized water fitness expert. SheRead More

Rock Tape for Advanced Athletic Performance
Rock Tape By Roland Hamelin, Contributing Writer Worcester Fitness  Worcester Fitness Massage Therapist has been offering free Rock Tape seminars at Worcester Fitness lately and they've created quite a buzz amongst our more performance driven athletes. What is Rock Tape? According to the official Rock Tape web site ( ) : "All of the effects of kinesiology tape came from the mechanical and neurosensory actions of the tape. When kinesiology tape is placed on theRead More