Emily Collins

Emily Collins
Worcester Fitness • Master Personal Trainer
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Emily found her way to Worcester Fitness through a lifelong interest in fitness, ownership of a successful independent training studio and as a personal trainer at other health club organizations, most prominently the Boroughs Family YMCA. But five-minutes after you meet Emily, you get the real reason why she has been successful in the fitness industry- she LOVES it!


"Ever since the day I started working at a health club in my home town of Evanston, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago) back in the late 1990's, I knew I wanted to be involved in the fitness community."


Emily earned her bachelors degree in English Literature from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Her commitment to exceeding client expectations quickly made her a star as a Producer for large scale musical events, first for Northwestern University and culminating with her becoming the Production Manager for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

But Emily longed for an opportunity to help people become happier and healthier through a career in fitness and personal training. Moving from the Windy City to central Massachusetts was incentive enough to make the change!



Emily prides herself on being able to work with clients of all experience levels, making each one of them feel like fitness and training is a natural and comfortable choice for them. As a TRX Qualified Instructor, Emily is extremely excited to introduce Worcester Fitness members to the program and grow participation. Worcester Fitness is very happy to welcome Emily Collins to Worcester Fitness Nation!



Emily holds a personal training certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.
• Certified Personal Trainer
• TRX Qualified Instructor



Emily owns and operates a small private training studio in Northborough, MA. Prior to opening the studio, Emily spent three years as a personal trainer for the YMCA Boroughs Family Branch and two years as a personal trainer at Boost Fitness in Northborough.