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Is more exercise the answer?

By Steve Dozois, Licensed Massage Therapist
Worcester Fitness Massage
This time of year a lot of us have renewed dedication to health and fitness goals.  We make our way to the gym or do our own workout routines more frequently and try to eat a little better.  For others, this is almost a "rest" time as their training season is getting ready to start.

Worcester Fitness January Blog
This time of year a lot of us have renewed dedication to health and fitness goals.
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Consequences of Activity

What happens to your body when you increase your physical activity or try a new fitness routine?  If you're doing it right, you will be sore for a day or two, because you are increasing the load on your muscles and activating other muscle groups that aren't used to the work.    So, then what?  If you have goals of really improving your fitness and performance, you can't afford to rest.  There is also research to suggest that the best thing for sore muscles is more exercise! 

However, there is a fine line to walk.

Worcester Fitness Massage Therapy Injury Prevention
The danger of not recovering properly is that at some point, your form will begin to breakdown.
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Form is the thing!

The danger of not recovering properly is that at some point, your form will begin to breakdown.  That could be your running, swimming, cycling, squat, or any other movement form.  When your form falls apart, that's when injuries can occur.  When your form is off your body starts recruiting other muscles to do the motion, and when pushed too hard those muscles may cave with the added and unusual work load, creating pain.

Worcester Fitness Massage Therapist Steve Dozois
Visit a qualified massage therapist who understands your activities and goals.
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Take Care!

So, how do you keep pushing yourself without getting injured?  You need to take care of your muscles, tendons, and joints.  Think of it like brushing your teeth.  To have proper teeth and mouth health, it is recommended to brush your teeth 2-3 times per day and visit your dentist every six months.  There are many ways to maintain your muscles and connective tissue.  Some of the most effective are various stretching activities, foam rolling, or self myofacial release, and of course visiting a qualified massage therapist who understands your activities and goals.

Just Ask

Want to learn more about how to maintain your muscles at home or at the gym?  Ask one of our personal trainers or massage therapists, and we'll show you some great, efficient techniques!

Let us help you put a bustle in your hedgerow.

By Roland J. Hamelin, Contributing Writer
Worcester Fitness
The lyrics might be confusing (if not downright meaningless) but Worcester Fitness want's you to be thinking "Stairway to Heaven" for the next couple of weeks, and hit our three StairMills like a rockstar!
Here's how it works.

"It's just a spring clean for the May Queen." Right on.

StepMill Contest

When: Sunday 1/15 through Saturday 1/28. The Stairway to Heaven contest uses the three big stair mills only. The top three members climbing the most flights of stairs in the thirteen day period will win a prize.

There is a binder at the Welcome Desk where members log in their flights at the end of each workout. Worcester Fitness will post results every other day so you can see where you stand in the contest.

Members should take a photo of the display screen and post to Social Media with the HashTag #WorcesterFitness and #StairwayToHeaven. This should be done at least four times in the thirteen days, or every day if possible!

This album cover would have been MUCH cooler this way.

Why Are We Doing This?

It's fun and competitive.
It exposes existing and new members to one of our best cardio machines.
It creates an opportunity for staff/member engagement.
Trainers and Instructors should challenge their people to enter the contest.
It creates an opportunity for us all to use Social Media to help promote Worcester Fitness by Checking In and using Hashtags.
The prizes will showcase our cool sweatshirt, massage and personal training services and our smoothies.

How Focusing on Self-Love Can Help You Reach Your Health and Wellness Goals

By Dana Harrison, MS
Worcester Fitness
It’s the first week of January and health and wellness goals are in full throttle. While most people are interested in resolutions related to food and fitness, let’s shed light on what’s really important in succeeding with these goals—love. Without love, there’s not much; no health, wellness, drive, or positivity.
I truly believe that love trumps all; hate, anger, depression; love wins.

Worcester Fitness Where is the Love
Without love, there’s not much; no health, wellness, drive, or positivity.

Don't Wait

Let's not wait for a horrific or disturbing event to serve as a reminder to spread that love. Love more; hate less. Get ahead of it.
It doesn't have to be big [but it can be]. And don't just do it for others and the fact that you have faith in humanity. Do it for yourself. Love yourself. Self-love and love for others is what keeps us going. So why not take advantage of that and apply it to your New Year’s resolutions.

Worcester Fitness Where is the Love
Self-love and love for others is what keeps us going.

Focus on Love

As you make some positive changes to your lifestyles try taking the time to reflect on how you treat yourself and others. To focus on love’s importance in the health and wellness puzzle, try the following challenges:
1) Spread some love and kindness, even small, this week to those you know and others you don't. Your actions and words are contagious; spread love and it keeps spreading.
2) Find one thing about yourself that you want to love but aren't there yet-- this one might be tough to come to terms with, but in order to love and grow, tap into that vulnerability.
How do you work on improving this?

It all starts with loving yourself and others.
It all starts with loving yourself and others.


Once you’ve reflected, move forward and apply this idea of love to your health and wellness goals by falling in love with the process of changing for the better. It all starts with loving yourself and others. Loving your body allows for appreciation of what it can do now and what it will be able to do in the future. Loving your mind raises the bar higher. Applying this can only set you up for success when aiming towards creating health and wellness goals that are sustainable and fit into your lifestyle.
Applying this can only set you up for success when aiming towards creating health and wellness goals that are sustainable and fit into your lifestyle.

Take a Minute to Prepare for your Workout

By Emily Creamer Collins
Master Trainer
Worcester Fitness
Remember to “get set” before you “GO!”
A few weeks ago I did a 5K race. At the start line, I had my usual pre-race jitters and was doing my usual pre-race routine to calm those jitters: jumping up and down, rotating my feet, taking the obligatory selfie. As the start time approached, the announcer on the loudspeaker called out “Ready…?” Everyone around me yelled and cheered. Then he called out “GO!” And everyone around me took off.
I was still standing standing there, wondering what happened to “Set?”

Worcester Fitness Get Set Before Your Workout
Everyone around me yelled and cheered. Then he called out “GO!” And everyone around me took off. I was still standing standing there, wondering what happened to “Set?”


The phrase “Ready, set, go” is synonymous with “On you mark, get set, go!” It’s a phrase that describes a process.
On your mark, get set, go! is used to begin a competition. It was originally used in England in the 1800s to begin running races.
The word mark referred to the place on the running course where the runner would start, whether a line or a set of starting blocks. Get set is a sort of warning that the signal to start running is about to occur, though today when a runner “gets set” he usually raises his hind quarters and tenses his legs in preparation to run.
The word go, of course, means that it is time to start running.
See how getting set is the equivalent of getting prepared?

Worcester Fitness Get Set Before your Workout
"...I’ve observed that very few people take time to get set in their workouts."

Be Prepared

Over the past year or so, I’ve observed that very few people take time to get set in their workouts. They get ready and then they go without getting prepared. Why is that?
To explore this question, let’s look at similar phrases/processes. For example, there’s “Lights, camera, action” and there’s “Ready, aim, fire.” I want to focus on the importance of the middle step. A filmmaker would never complete a movie if she skipped camera. Similarly, a marksman would never hit the target if he skipped aim. So why, as athletes, do we expect to be successful in reaching our goals if we skip getting set?
So what do I mean by getting set for a workout? First, warm-up. Second, focus on your form.

Worcester Fitness Prepare for your workout
"Before your workout, take your warm-up seriously!"

Serious Warm-Up!

Before your workout, take your warm-up seriously! It will prepare you for the best training session possible and it will help to keep your body healthier. A good warm-up works on range-of-motion, activation of muscles, and movement preparation. It can be done in only 10-minutes and should include exercises such as:
Foam rolling
Hip-flexor stretches
Floor bridges
Child’s pose with rotation
Wall slides
Lunges: forward, back, side-to-side
During your workout, focus on your form! It will take just a second and will help get the most benefit from your exercise while reducing the risk of injury.
Here are some examples of check-points that people tend to skip:
Are your hands in the correct position for a push-up?
Are your elbows and hips in the correct position for a plank?
Are your shoulder blades in the correct position for a kettlebell swing?
Are your knees tracking correctly in your lunges?
Are your heels down in your squats?
Are you breathing?
Are you focusing on your movement or are you thinking about something else?

As we head into the New Year, let’s all make an effort to “get set” before we “GO!”

123 Summer Street Location


October 6, 2016

Dear Worcester Fitness Member,

We have decided to close our 123 Summer Street location as of January 1, 2017.

Our decision to close our downtown Worcester location was a difficult one, however, the size and location of this facility has made it challenging for us to grow our business in the way that we want to.

Worcester Fitness is planning aggressive growth strategies for the next five years. We have been meeting extensively with representatives from the City of Worcester and large development firms to help us find retail spaces large enough in and around the downtown Worcester area to accommodate the kinds of programming and services we currently offer at our Grove Street location.

Existing members of our 123 Summer Street location will automatically be transferred to our 440 Grove Street location with no change in fees. Members who choose to cancel their membership will be granted immediate termination and any pre-paid membership dues owed will be returned within thirty days.

As always, we thank you for your continued support of Worcester Fitness!


Tim MacDonald
General Manager



Revealed! See What Worcester Fitness Employees Do When They're NOT At The Gym!

Worcester Fitness Health Screenings

Did you know that Worcester Fitness provides on-site health screening services to community groups and businesses at THEIR location?

In fact, Worcester Fitness can offer virtually ANY health screening in just about ANY location!

Screenings we provide include (just to name a few):

• Non-Fasting Cholesterol
• Glucose Screening
• Blood Pressure
• Flexibility
• Strength
• Skin Cancer Screening

This is an incredibly economical and effective method of providing your employees with the health information they need to stay healthy, stay strong and most of all stay MOVING!

Contact Andrea today to find out more about scheduling a Worcester Fitness visit to your company or group!

Contact -





Learn more about Worcester Fitness on-site Health Screenings

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Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 9.47.45 PM

This past Monday felt like SUCH a Monday; nothing went according to plan. Per usual, I found myself running around the city like a mad woman all afternoon and when things finally settled down, all I wanted to do was duck into downtown Worcester Fitness and pound out a few miles on the treadmill.

I was so preoccupied with my mental to-do list that I barely made eye contact with a fellow passenger on the elevator until he held the door and said, “How are you Sarah?”

I snapped to attention.

“Hello, how are youuuu?” I crooned. My tenure as teacher/waitress/columnist has made me dangerously good at this game.

‘Must be a parent,’ I concluded.

He gave me a really funny look.

“Sorry,” he said. “We don’t actually know each other.”

Now I was the puzzled one.

“Your first name is monogrammed on your backpack,” he explained.

He and the receptionist chuckled.

“Are you here for his class?” she asked me.

As far as I was concerned, treadmill miles were the only things looming in my future.

“What time does it start?” I asked to be polite.


I looked at my watch…it was 5:25.

“Maybe,” I shrugged, and I darted down the stairs at lightning speed.

In the locker room, I caught sight of my reflection in the mirror. Even for a Monday, I was a sight for sore eyes. I looked tired, stressed, and frankly, unapproachable.

I paused on my way past the glass studio. ‘Should I?’ I wondered.

I did.

Steve was a delight. (He teaches yoga, by the way – a fact I was not privy to when I popped into his 5:30 mystery class.) He stretches your mind and your muscles with equal fortitude. And, he tells jokes. Lots of them.

Sometimes the right people find you. Thank goodness Steve loves a good monogram.


Award winning, beautiful gym located in downtown Worcester!

No that’s not a news story about some new project expected in Worcester.

It’s a FACT!

Worcester Fitness has a gorgeous, spotless health and fitness club that features a penthouse view, unlimited visits, group exercise studio and classes, cardio equipment like treadmills and cross trainers as well as tons (literally) of free weights and conditioning equipment.

PLUS the place is pretty plush!

Beautiful locker rooms and showers with steam rooms and massage therapy.

Best of all?


Where in downtown Worcester can you find that?

It’s time to get reacquainted with Worcester Fitness at 123 Summer Street inside Saint Vincent Hospital. It’s only $45* a month to join, no contracts just a 10 day notice to cancel.

Great staff, amazing gym at an incredible price!

Call us at 508-363-7000 to get started!

*offer valid at 123 Summer Street location ONLY!


Free Class Next Wednesday Night!

You’ve heard quite a bit about the power of Kettlebell training haven’t you? Our own Kait Littlejohn knows how effective a kettle bell workout can be and wants to show you…first hand!

Next Wednesday June 10 at 4:30PM at Worcester Fitness, Kait’s teaching a FREE kettle ball preview class at GROVE Street! Soon, the HD Training program will include this class so it’s the perfect opportunity to become familiar with the equipment and the movements!

You’ve got to try this class!

Contact with any questions about the class!

Worcester Fitness Summer Run Series | 2015

Now that it is reasonably safe to assume that the roads will remain clear of ice and snow for at least a couple of months, Worcester Fitness and MacDonald’s Tavern are proud to announce the 2015 Summer Run Series.

Clear streets, warm weather and Worcester Fitness Nation’s resident Running Coach, Bob Bourassa together are the best combination for a fun and effective group run! Questions about the weekly group run?